Activate New Global Cash Card | Activation Guide

Activate New Global Cash Card | Activation Guide – Global Cash Card is a famous paycard solution that has also been acknowledged by various multinational companies such as Maxim, Cargill, and Starbucks Coffee. It is a proven specialist in customized payment solutions and strives to provide industry-leading services such as making implementing paycards simple.

If you have just got your brand new Global Cash Card, it’s time to activate it. For security reasons, the cards are handed over to the consumers in an inactive state. To make the card functional and use it for transactions, you must activate the card.

Things To Keep In Mind

When performing your Global Cash Card Activation process, make sure:

  1. you have already thought of a unique username/password as well as a 4-digit PIN for your card
  2. you have sufficient call credits when activating card over the phone
  3. you have in handy all the important details such as your Global cash card number and your personal information such as your date of birth, father/mother name, etc
  4. In case of any issues or confusions, you can always contact Global Cash’s 24/7 helpline number: 888-220-4477
  5. you have a good internet connection, when performing card activation online
  6. you never allow your browser to save passwords, especially if you are activating your card through a public device

There are two different methods for activating your Global Cash Card.

  • Global Cash Card Activation by Phone Call
  • Global Cash Card Activation via Online Portal

You can use the method that suits you the best, and there’s a 100% guarantee that your Global Cash Card will be fully activated by using any of these methods.

Activate Global Cash Card by Phone Call

To activate your Global Cash Card by Phone, you need to:

  1. Dial Global Cash Card Activation 24/7 Phone Number @ 866-395-9200
  2. Follow the automated voice prompt instructions
  3. Soon your call will be forward to a customer support agent, who will verify your identity by asking your card’s 16-digit number, your full name, your date of birth, etc
  4. Your Global Cash Card will be instantly activated.

Activate Global Cash Card Online

To activate your Global Cash Card online, you need to:

  1. Visit Global Cash online card activation portal @ login
  2. Enter your visa payroll card or debit MasterCard number
  3. Enter your card’s expiry date
  4. Complete the security captcha and click ‘Continue’
  5. Now create a unique username and password
  6. Now create a unique 4-digit secret PIN for your card
  7. Successful completion of all these steps will fully activate your Global Cash Card, as well as register you with the Global Cash Card Online Banking Portal.

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