CHECK OUT: Australian National University Offers Global Merit Awards in Law in Australia, 2020

Australian National University Offers Global Merit Awards in Law in Australia, 2020 – The scholarship is available to applicants coming from all over the globe. Australian National University was established in 1946, has identified itself as a globally top leading university that emphasizes on research and education expertise. The Australian National University has seven professional colleges running several Australian schools and research centers.

The intention of the project is to encourage and allow foreign talented postgraduate students to the Australian National University Law School.

Australian National University has a specialty in domestic or foreign responses to your desires. It provides a vast choices for student accommodation and a variety of flexible study plans tailored to your requires

Field of Study:

Grant is provided in the field of law.


Degree level:

Postgraduate degree plan.



Applicants are welcomed all over the world.

Scholarship Award: 

The award is estimated at $10,000, with the payment payable in one installment after the census date of the postgraduate program’s first quarter, except as otherwise specified in the letter of bid.

The eligibility criteria is as follows;

==> Applicants who’ve already applied to the Australian National University College of Law for enrollment to the Master of Laws (LLM) course are considered for the incentive

Applying procedure Instructions:

The following application advice is intended for candidates who wish to apply for a scholarship:

  1. Applicants should provide proof that their English language skills reach the minimum admissions requirements.
  2. Candidates should have an outstanding educational record as described by a 5.0 out of 7 or above minimal GPA.
  3. Start planning the educational records and evidence of competence in the English language, have appropriate Credentials like a birth certificate, nationality papers and passport. Click here just to search the required documentation.
  4. There is no online application process because candidates are immediately considered on the basis that they meet the eligibility requirements. Until applying for a postgraduate degree course, candidates must take enrollment to Australian National University.

Scholarship Official Web Links:

Online Application: ◄–

Scholarship Link: ◄–

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