Cisco Router Setup | Quick Guide

Cisco Router Setup | Quick Guide – Cisco is a US technology company that is best known for its networking products. Headquartered in California, Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecoms equipment and other IT services and products. The company was founded in 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner.

Cisco router login is the first necessary step the router users must complete in order to use the router internet.

Cisco Router Setup – Steps

==> Step: 1. Switch on the router connect your device with the router network

First, switch on your router and connect your device with the router network. The users can connect the router network with a device using an ethernet cable or over the Wi-Fi.

==> Step: 2. Open any of the web browsers in your device

Now, the users have to open the internet supported web browser in their devices. Open Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Explorer Edge, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox web browser in your device.

==> Step: 3. Enter the default Cisco router login IP address in the URl bar-

Then you have to enter the Cisco router IP address in the URL bar to visit Cisco Router Login page. Cisco Router Default IP is which must be entered by the users in the URL bar.

==> Step: 4. Enter the Cisco Router Default Password and router login details

Now, select an appropriate password from the above-given section. Enter the default router login username and password in the required fields.

==> Step: 5. Log in successfully and set up Cisco router for using internet by updating settings

Once you logged into router login account then you can simply set up your router and change your router settings accordingly your needs.

Default Cisco Router Login Password, IP, Setup

This step allows the router users to set up the router and use the router internet securely. Once when you complete the Cisco login step, it allows the users to set up the Cisco router configuration and update your Cisco router password accordingly your needs.

Cisco router IP address- is the Cisco router login IP address which allows the router users to log into the Cisco router configuration page and access the router settings web page.

 Login Guide

  • Connect your device with the Cisco router network.
  • Open any of the web browsers in your device.
  • Visit the Cisco Router Login URL.
  • Select any of the appropriate passwords from below and enter the default Cisco Router Username and Password.
  • Log in successfully and manage your router settings.

Cisco Router Reset

Before you are thinking about resetting your router you must know that resetting a router will delete all the personalized router settings and Cisco router configuration.

If you are unable to use the router internet or your router isn’t working properly then you can easily reset the Cisco router manually. Follow the reset instructions is shown below in order to you reset your router now.

  • First, make sure that your router is on.
  • Locate a reset button given in the back side of your Cisco router.
  • Press and hold Reset key for about 10 to 15 seconds. The users are advised to press the key by a needle or with a paper clip.
  • Release the button and your router will be ready again for the usage.

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