Current Recruitment For Flight Attendant Jobs In Canada – A flight attendant in Canada is required to serve as a brand ambassador for Canada and the airline. Flight attendants are expected to extend warm Canadian hospitality when caring for travelers and solving problems that might otherwise spoil the flight experience.

Responsibilities :

  1. Welcoming customers and engaging with them throughout the flight to create a comfortable, friendly environment
  2. Preparing the aircraft for customer boarding and ensuring a keen awareness of the service and safety plan for the flight
  3. Ensuring mandatory safety procedures are followed
  4. Communicating with customers through one-on-one interactions and general intercom announcements in a warm, friendly and professional manner

About The Jobs :

Jobs type : Full Time.

Location : Canada


  1. Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status as well as the ability to travel outside.

  2. 18 years of age or older

  3. High school diploma or equivalent

Language Skills:

As an Air Canada Express and Jazz Brand Ambassador, we are proud to provide bilingual service to our customers. Candidates are required to communicate effectively in both French and English and must successfully complete language testing to be considered.

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