Download free gmail app – Here you will get the steps to secure new gmail account. In so many ways, Gmail shares similar features with other email services; You can read and send emails, create an address book, block spam and perform lots of other functions. It also features some basic tools that made it unique and more popular among its rivals.

Gmail provides its users with many features like;

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  • Built-in chat: This feature enables you to send an instant message. You can also use the voice and video chat feature for this.
  • Call Phone: This feature is a similar one to the latter, which is instant messaging or voice chat, the only difference is that this features requires dialing of number digits, to call any mobile network. You can make calls to countries like U.S. and Canada for free.
  • The second in our list is Conversation View: This occurs whenever you frequently send emails to persons or group of persons and the mails have same subject matter. It will be automatically grouped together to keep your inbox in good form. For easy and faster work, you can go to the group in your inbox, select a similar topic to the one you want to write about, edit and send it.
  • Spam filtering: This is also known as junk files. Your Google account uses advanced technologies to keep spam out of your inbox. Some spam are automatically sent to help you separate spam folder, and it is usually deleted after 30 days time.
Gmail’s Interface

If your work is connected to Gmail, you will be required to work with their interface. This is a window that contains your inbox, which gives you an easy and fast navigation, you can easily locate your settings, general menu, contacts and many more. There is also a short cut icon on your account top that connects you to your youtube account, and other google services.

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