Legacy Credit Card Review

Legacy Credit Card Review – This article will show you how to make a Legacy credit card login or how to apply for this card. Eventually, you will be able to read a helpful FAQ about this card and leave your own reviews.

Annual fee: $75 (billed each month, i.e. $6.25 per month).

Purchase APR: 29.9%.

Recommended credit score: from 350 to 690.



  1. Premium Club Membership (costs $4.95 per month) provides you with an opportunity to get discounts on entertainment, hotels, rental cars, dining, and prescriptions.
  2. Payment Protection Plan (costs $0.89 per each $100 of your monthly balance) helps you avoid paying late payment fees when you couldn’t make your payment on time due to a qualified reason.
  3. You can use this credit card anywhere


First of all, it is worth to point out that only those customers who received an invitation offer may apply for this credit card. In fact, this makes this credit card somewhat similar to the Fortiva credit card and First Savings credit card, which are also aimed at the same category of consumers and which send out invitation offers, too. Considering that this is a Visa card, you can use it anywhere where Visa cards are accepted (that’s basically anywhere).

When it comes to the card’s fees, we should necessarily mention the annual fee of $75, which is impossible to lower or waive. This means that you will have to pay $6.25 each month just for using this credit card. That’s an astonishingly high fee, as you may get zero annual fee with the First Savings card or a lower annual fee with the Fortiva card. In terms of other fees, they are the following ones:

  1. 2% fee on cash advances (or at least $20).
  2. Also, the authorized user fee of $20
  3. The late payment fee of $25
  4. The returned payment fee of $25

And while the fees of this credit card are that much high, this credit card offers very little in return. Apart from an opportunity to re-build your credit history, there is almost nothing this credit card can offer for free. Yes, you can get an unsecured credit card (with a credit line from $300 to $1,500), but that’s all. Additionally, indeed, there are some other features, but you have to pay extra fees for them – and that’s in addition to the annual fee.

One feature you can take advantage of is called Payment Protection Plan, and it costs $0.89 per $100 of your monthly balance per month. Basically, this feature allows you not to incur the late payment fee, if you didn’t make a payment on time due to a qualified reason. In fact, those reasons include disability, unemployment, military leave, hospitalization, jury duty or certified family medical leave.

Legacy Credit Card Login

If you have received this credit card and signed up for online banking, you become able to manage your credit card account online. In particular, that allows you to pay your credit card online or check your balance. Here, you can see a quick way how you can log in to your credit card account online:

  1. In the first place, you should access the website of Legacy by clicking on the following link: OPEN URL
  2. On that website, you have to click on the yellow “ACCOUNT LOGIN” button.
  3. Next, you will get to see the Legacy credit card login form – this is the place where you can access your credit card account online.
  4. At first, you have to enter the username of your Legacy online banking account in the first field there.
  5. Next, you should type the password in the next field.
  6. Eventually, you can finalize the login process by clicking on “Log In.”
  7. In a moment, you will access your credit card account online. Then, you will be able to do with it what you want.

That’s all.

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