Tidal account sign up | Free High Fidelity Music Streaming. Tidal is music mogul Jay Z’s brainchild, which allows users to access and stream high quality music, and music-related content, while paying musicians the highest royalties of available streaming services on the market.

Tidal is a music streaming app geared toward music lovers and audiophiles. The monthly subscription reflects the sound quality of the music available through the app, as well as Tidal’s musician-centric business model.

Tidal account registration is completely free, all you will need is an email address or your Facebook, twitter account login details. Tidal only allows for 30days free trial period, after which you will be required to make payments for further use of their service.

features of Tidal music streaming site

  • Tidal Plus One: TIDAL X makes sure you get access to tickets, meet-and-greets, and behind-the-scenes content from concert livestreams to exclusive events.
  • Tidal also helps users create amazing playlist based on their listening history, thereby letting your enjoy musics that you love.
  • Aside its high quality files available for download. Tidal also gives its users opportunity to socialize with their favorite artists and celebrities. TIDAL just knows how to brings you closer to your music icons.

Tidal houses over 60 million tracks and 240,000 videos. so much that you can select from. This means you have access to both high quality mp3 songs and mp4 plus HD videos for free.

Tidal account sign up –  Steps to sign up

Below are simple steps to sign up;

  • Visit www.tidal.com
  • Click on try for 30 days
  • Enter your email address or social media account detail in the field provided and click continue
  • On the next page that comes up, Create a password
  • enter your date of birth and check the box to agree to tidal terms and conditions.
  • finally click on the sign up button.
  • Done, you can now follow the prompts to start streaming songs and videos with your Tidal account.

Download Tidal App

With this app you can easily create your playlist and connect with other users. Below are links for tidal app download;

Tidal Playlist

Transferring your music library to TIDAL, including all your playlists and favorites, has never been easier. You can transfer your music from your library to Tidal using Soundiiz. below are simple guide to do so;

  • Sign in to Soundiiz
  • Click on the “Platform to Platform” button on the left side of the screen
  • Select the source streaming platform from which you want to import your playlists and favorites
  • Also Select the items (Playlists + Favorites) that you want to transfer to TIDAL
  • Select TIDAL as destination platform
  • Let Soundiiz do the work!

Tidal offer free voucher for everyone that sign up for the free 30 trial. CLICK HERE to redeem your voucher right on their home page.

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